Amazing Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride wants to look dashing on the big day. A stylist who specializes in bridal styles can turn the bride’s dream into a reality or nightmare. Wedding hairstyles should be chosen based on the facial features, the type of gown, accessories, location of the ceremony and the length of the hair. If the occasion will be held outdoors like in a garden or at the beach, the bride might consider having most of the strands held in place with hair pins. This will prevent a disheveled head especially when the wind blows. If she will put on loop earrings, then she can keep her neck clear of hair strands to display the flashy jewels.

One of the common wedding hairstyles is the up do. This style is formal, elegant and sophisticated. Some brides prefer to add color or highlights to the strands. With part of the hair up and held with a clip or hair band, the rest of it on the hair line or at the nape can be curled loose. Accessories to go with the up do include a band that can act as the tiara or some pearl pins fixed on the sides of the up do, close to the face. Curled tendrils can frame one side of the face to add a classy modern look to the up do. A fringe is also possible with the up do wedding hairstyles.

Another classic style is the chignon. The hair is pulled back to the nape. If the bride does not have a lot of hair, a weave can be fixed and then combed back, twisted and held close to the back. Some loose curls can frame the face but if the bride wants a clear face, she can add some pin accessories to the chignon style to make it less flat. Long hair can also be curled and let down especially if the bride has a strapless gown. The curls will flow on the front and extend loosely to the back. If the gown is conventional, a Ballerina twist is ideal. The hair will be pushed back and twisted severally to form an up do. Accessories are then added to the twists to form a classy twist with inserts of pearl accessories.

For short hair, the bride can have a classy bob with highlights. She can use more accessories on the neck and ears because too much on the head may look misplaced. If the event will be held at the beach, braids are ideal and they can be styled accordingly. Different color braids can add glamour to a plain gown. They can be plaited or twisted. A bride should also consider the event after the ceremony because a very technical style may be hard for her to handle during the honeymoon.

Amazing Wedding Cakes You Cannot Resist

In the past, wedding cakes were made using the same monotonous designs and there was never anything to look forward to when one went to get a cake for their wedding or when one attended a wedding. Today the situation is not the same as cake designing has been taken a notch higher in the production of amazing wedding cakes. Such cakes are normally done using utmost creativity geared towards making both the wedding couple and their guests stare at the cake and talk about it for a long time. The monochrome design is one of the best designs for wedding cakes available today. The design is associated with sophistication and elegance and normally entails a white base while the icing is done in black lacing. Another amazing wedding cake design is the Angular shape. This one entails shapes like hexagons and square which are very ideal if one wants their wedding to have a modern look. The embellishments that will be put on the cake should also be angular shaped.

Amazing wedding cakes also come in the form of the wonderful kind that usually entails bright and dazzling colors. Some of the colors used to make such cakes include bright aqua, hot pink, red and velvet. Another design that usually gets peoples attention is the personalized one. This kind of cake draws much inspiration from the relationship and life of the couple. Quite a number of couples have been known to substitute the typical cake topper that has the groom and his bride with their caricature sculptures. Wedding cakes can be personalized as well using mementos of the relationship. Such mementos include things like poems, photos and so on. Another design that can really be amazing is the cupcake tower which in some quarters is referred to as whimsical and hip. Contrary to what most people think, cup cakes are not just for treating children but they can be done in such a way that they can replace the tiered cake that is a tradition of most weddings. The best thing about the cupcake tower is that it is not expensive and most people can afford it. Additionally, the cake is practical delicious and beautiful.

While most people may desire to have any of the amazing wedding cakes for their wedding, affordability issues may come into play and render their desires unattainable. There are ways one can however get the cake they desire. For instance they can opt to make their own cake with guidance from online wedding sites or from relatives from friends. Another option for a person on a budget is to get a student who needs to make a cake for her professional portfolio to do bake the cake at a reasonable price. Getting referrals from people who have had cakes done cheaply is another ways of getting the desired cake at a cheap price. With the above information one should be able to get a great cake for their wedding.

Love on a Budget: How to Afford Your Perfect Wedding

According to, the average wedding costs about $22,000. And that’s just the average, meaning some people spend much more. And the sentiment is understandable. This is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to perfect. The thing you need to realize is that you can make your wedding amazing without breaking the bank.

First, decide how much you will need to spend for wedding all together, and where this money is going to come from. Planning to spend about $100 per guest is a good starting point. If you and your fiancee can cover the entire bill, then go for it. If you need help, however, you will want to talk to both parents as soon as possible. Decide who will pay for what, and exactly how much they are willing to spend. Once you have a set limit, you can start making your wedding budget.

Next, break down how much money you want to put towards each part. Be sure to budget for catering, music, venue, flowers, wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, decorations, and invitations. Keep your budget fluid, because as you start planning, you are going to remember things you forgot to include the first time you wrote your budget up. Also, make sure to include at least a 10% buffer, because most couples do go over what they originally planned.

To make sure the most important things get taken care of, prioritize your list of expenses. Now, this may be different for everyone. You may want to hire the best photographer, but not care much about the decorations. Some one else may want expensive matching bridesmaid dresses, but not feel too strongly about what kind of cake they have. This is just about what it important to you.

When you start shopping, feel free to negotiate prices. Companies want your business, and you would be silly not to try and save money where you can. For example, when you buy your wedding gown, see if the shop will give you a discount on your bridesmaid’s dresses. Consider changing your wedding to a Sunday or a weekday to save money. Caterers and vendors may give you better rates, since these days are not as highly in demand.

Try shopping online. This is an easy way to compare prices and find great deals. Even sites like e-Bay can be a great place to find things like cake toppers, ring pillows, and even dresses. Be sure to allow for plenty of time for the auction to end and things to be shipped to you. You don’t want to be cutting it close.

Remember that not being able to throw a lavish wedding isn’t the end of the world. Your wedding isn’t about impressing your friends or getting to wear a pretty dress. It’s about making a commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t sweat the details. If the two of you are truly in love, your wedding will be beautiful, no matter how much you spend.

10 Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

I have been incredibly lucky to attend several military weddings – including my own. While my husband and I did a traditional ceremony following our 14-month long-distance engagement, many of the couples whose weddings I’ve attended were in fact already married through a quick courthouse ceremony months of even years prior. They do the courthouse marriage so that they can reap the financial benefits, promising to have their ‘real’ wedding when he returns from the deployment. Because of this arrangement, many brides are left planning their big day singlehandedly. That can be a blessing to those detail-oriented brides who have been dreaming of their wedding day since age 5 when she would dress in a pillowcase veil, her mother’s heals, and force her little brother to walk hand-in-hand down the imaginary aisle in her family’s living room. But it can also be an incredibly daunting, exhausting event to plan. Unless you have a magnificent wedding planner, you are left with the infinite details that go into bringing the vision to life.

With June being the most popular wedding month in many areas of the country, I am busting with inspiration for a modern military themed wedding. Therefore, I have compiled 10 of the most amazing military themed wedding ideas that I could find to help make this special event less worrisome and more whimsical.

1.) Your Story invitation insert.
In April, 2013 I attended a military wedding of a couple who invited me and my husband with a delightfully unique invitation. It was a classy Mad Libs-style invitation that allowed us to hand write words on the RSVP card such as a song we wanted to hear and how we wanted them to recess down the isle (I said cartwheel.) I am loving the wedding invitation insert featured through David’s Bridal that tells a quick story of how the bride and groom met – a fun way to tell guests who may not know the couple very well.

2.) Love birds cake topper.
Made by Ann Wood at, she can customize a bird wedding cake topper to your branch of the military. Sit them atop your cake to wow your guests and treasure as a keepsake long after the cake cutting.

3.) Spruce up your favors.
This idea is so fresh. Use a living spruce in a mason jar tied with burlap string to give guests as favors. What a wonderful way to incorporate the army green and tan military wedding color pairing into your favors.

4.) Anything but boring boutonnieres.
I love attending weddings that reek personality. For a military twist, pin an army man, anchor emblem, wings or sabers to the lapel of your ushers and groomsmen.

5.) The wedding that gives back.
For the couple who doesn’t need much, this idea is sure to leave a lasting impression. Rather than creating a wedding registry, invite guests to donate to a military cause of your choosing, such as to the Wounded Warrior Project. Include instructions with the invitation, and display a reception table where last minute donations can be made. Remind guests of tax deductions.

6.) Create a photo booth.
It’s a party, why not have a little fun with photography? It’s a great way to snap photos of all the guests enjoying themselves in a nontraditional way.

7.) Go vintage.
If I could redo my wedding I’d plan a vintage military themed wedding. Rather than bright patriotic colors, go for vintage blues and muted reds. Use old suitcases and trunks to house gifts, and incorporate vintage military airplanes or other branch-specific nostalgia into the centerpieces and favors.

8.) Use pretty postage.
Dress up your invitations with custom military wedding themed postage from

9.) Amazing military wedding venues.
I had the honor of witnessing a wedding ceremony at the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. It is a stunning structure both inside and out. As a guest, I will never forget that wedding because it was truly an amazing venue. To incorporate the military theme into your setting, research local museums, banquet halls, and chapels related to your branch. Many bases are rich in history, and you can usually find both old and new structures that are sure to please. Most military venues must be reserved in advance for a fee, much like civilian wedding sites.

10.) Free wedding dresses through Brides Across America.
Heidi Janson at has given away over 5000 wedding gowns to military brides. This remarkable woman and her team are setting up nationwide wedding gown giveaway events in July, 2013. Head on over to their site to check dates and locations, and to pre-register. To qualify, you or your fiancĂ©e has to have deployed within the last 5 years – or – you must have orders for an upcoming deployment. You must also show proof of orders, have a valid ID, and be engaged. If you don’t live near one of the giveaway events, or if you don’t qualify, they sell very affordable gowns through their site.

I’ve just skimmed the surface of my finds. For many more amazing military themed wedding ideas, check out my Pinterest board: Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

Get Ready For the Most Breath-Taking Weddings the World Has Ever Known

It is said that the happiest wedding is the one which is full of love. “Money is not important”, is the old adage; unfortunately, money has turned out to be the number one factor if you want a tremendous wedding – a wedding that you will remember forever.

Not many people can afford an extravagant wedding – even the rather well off would struggle to organize a wedding with a difference. The ideal elegant and luxurious wedding is rarely affordable for most people.

Have you ever asked yourself who on earth is so rich that they can afford to spend millions of dollars just for the ‘most important day of your life’?

Vanisha Mittal’s father is the fourth richest man in the world. She is expected to become the second most powerful woman in the world when she inherits the family businesses. Her wedding took place at a five-star hotel in Paris on May 10th 2009. There were more than 1000 sophisticated guests who spent 5 days in France, celebrating day and night. The ‘icing on top of the cake’ was the appearance of the pop singer Kylie Minogue who entertained the VIP guests. A grand total of 60 million dollars was spent on the five-day wedding. Amazing?

Perhaps the only wedding which could possible compare to Vanisha’s is the wedding of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. His wedding with Princess Salama is considered to have cost the couple the sum of 45 million dollars. The couple married in 1981 – when 45 million dollars was worth considerably more than it is now, due to inflation. The wedding was rather impressive to say the least and each cent spent was definitely worth it; 20 000 people were invited for the celebration which continued for more than 7 days. A special stadium was build especially for the grand feast and guests.

Donald Trump is probably among the top 10 famous Americans. However, his wedding with Melania Kraus is definitely one of the top 5. The couple got married in 2005 and the ceremony was even more extravagant than expected. Guests of the wedding were A-listers such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani. The guests were entertained with a live performance from Tony Bennett. A lasting impression was left by the abundance of 10 000 flowers, which provided the exotic atmosphere at Palm Beach, Florida.

The wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was most definitely not as impressive as those above but it also deserves a mention. The event was evaluated at 2 million dollars, far less than those previously mentioned. However, it took place at a six-century castle in Italy. Katie wore an Armani wedding dress and the surprise guest was Andrea Boccelli, who sang a special song for the just-married couple.

These were some of the most breath-taking wedding parties in the world, taking their own place in history. Only the future will tell us what we can expect and how much more money people will spend on the most special day of their lives.