What You Need to Turn a Different Wedding Into a Stylish Wedding!

So he’s asked you to marry him. You’re all excited. You have so many plans for your new life together and you want to show the world how much you love him. You don’t just want a different wedding you want a stylish wedding that tells the world that this is what you can do ‘together’.

But how? How can you get the balance right? How can you get a different, stylish wedding day that isn’t ‘gaudy’ and that’s talked about afterward for all the right reasons?

The answer to these questions is simple but hard to execute. You need to think of so many things and ‘plan’. If ever there was a truer saying, as far as weddings go then this is it, ‘fail to plan or plan to fail’. You need to co-ordinate the wedding dress, the amazing food from a high quality caterer, the scenic Church or the exotic location for the service that you have both talked about, the unique venue for the reception after. WOW! I’m even tired taking all this into consideration – It’s almost panic stations!

Oh! I also forgot to mention focus, as well as planning. Look if you’re after a different wedding then it truly has to ‘fit’ what you both want. So you need to remain focused while you plan. You see the focus has to do with the goal, the planning with the attainment of that goal – never forget that!

Now we have just touched on a few aspects of what makes a successful wedding, the ceremony, the reception – especially the venue, the cuisine and the planning. So many weddings are let down when any one of these aspects is not as good as it could be or there has been no attention to detail.

So how do we get that special wedding that’s stylish, different and memorable? You don’t want this day to memorable because it’s a different wedding, you want it memorable for the amazing food, the amazing unique location for both the ceremony and the reception – even the seating plan should be carefully thought out! Try for example and mix friends and family members together that have common interests and likes. This is one aspect that is often overlooked and is really necessary to liaise with your wedding planner on.

You will need to make some decisions first. The ceremony – is it going to be in a church or a civil wedding? This is important. The reception is rarely more than a few miles from where the ceremony is to be held. So it may be a good idea to consider where you really want to get married and then organise the reception

OK, so now you know where – What about the venue for the reception? Does the venue require that you and your guests have their cuisine or can you have your own reception banquet prepared? You see many wedding couples decide to have their own food provided as they know that the meal is to their quality standards – so you have a much better chance of having a different wedding with amazing food!

The challenge that many couples have is coordinating successfully the ceremony, the reception venue, even the place for your relatives and friends to stay over after the wedding night. I can’t stress enough how important a wedding planner is but what about the meal and venue?

The bottom line then for what you need to turn a different wedding into a stylish, unique and pleasantly memorable wedding is imagination, amazing food and a wedding planner that considers every detail no matter how small – better still there are wedding planners that can provide you with the organisation needed to carry the day and evening successfully and there are a few that can supply a meal that’s fit
for celebrities as well!

How to Create a Cheap But Amazing Themed Wedding

You are ready to be a husband or a wife. So, it means you are ready for a great commitment. But, wait a moment…. Before you determine when you will hold a memorable ceremony and great wedding party, I guess, you must think of the budget deeply in your head.

Some people may not be afraid of the wedding budget. They can afford an expensive reception with thousands guests, big tart cake, luxurious champagne and wedding gifts. Yeah, these people are “the have”. Saving money is not important for them. They just think how to waste the money for fulfilling their taste. What about you? Are you included into “the have” arena? Good then. You just need to call the wedding planner, say what you want and that’s it! You get your ideal wedding.

But, what should you do if you are having a limited budget right now? Should you delay your wedding plan until you get enough money? For some couples, it may be the best idea. However, the good news is, you can also have a great wedding on a budget. You only need to be creative.

Creative? Yes! You can arrange a good “scenario” to celebrate your wedding. Just do it by your self, do not hire a wedding planner. Your task is only thinking about the theme for your wedding! But, you may ask, “How do I get the theme? Up till now I never come to a themed wedding. I only see some ordinary wedding parties.” Well, you may do these following tips to have a wonderful wedding theme that saves your money and make you happy.

1. Develop your imagination.

It is your wedding party. You are free to arrange any concepts for it. May be you have idea to live in a forest. You can develop this idea. You only need some imitation or even the truly trees and much green leaves for the decoration. Or, if you have limited time to set up the real “forest”, you still can use your imagination by making a big picture of forest.

2. Choose one of your favorite activities.

It is not your hobby, but you love doing that very much. For instance, you love going to a beach. So, you can create a coastal nuance for your wedding party.

3. Choose your hobby as a theme.

You love fishing. You can decorate your wedding with the fishing theme. Your guests may wear their casual dress as they want. No tuxedos, no gown, no ties, only big hat, jeans, and short pants. You can have the party at the edge of a river. You get the party and your guests get the fish!

4. Theme can be related to something you love.

Maybe you are crazy about The Lord of the Rings. You can decorate your wedding party according to this movie. Your guest may also wear a king costume to come. Surely, it will become a very memorable wedding party.

A wedding actually doesn’t need much money. You can fix your budget with your plan and idea. Make something unique, special, and different from others.

Cheap wedding doesn’t mean you hold a bad party by giving all sort of cheap things. Cheap wedding means you create an amazing party with a low budgeting. If you can create a memorable, unique, and unforgettable party on budget, why you must waste much money for something usual, something ordinary?

Now, have you got the idea? What theme will you choose for your wedding? See your saving account and remember to save your money for your family’s future. Do not end up your pocket only for one day even though it is your historic day.

Weddings in Devigarh – Give Your Marriage a Regal Start

The auspicious occasion of wedding is a flight of fancy for every couple; emotions are on an unprecedented high and couples even leverage resources to give it a regal touch. India, with a plethora of regal palaces and forts seems to be an affordable choice for numerous couples. Thousands of couples often cross the boundaries of seven seas to perform their weddings in Devigarh. So, if you and your fiance / fiancee are also dreaming of joining this elite league, you can tie the knot in a regal way.

The state of Rajasthan is the land of various forts and palaces but Devigarh still holds a unique position. Devigarh Palace has a charming appeal over couples who come here to get hitched in a royal setting. Situated 28 km north of the lake city Udaipur; Devigarh palace has a timeless appeal which has earned it numerous admirers. Gifted with spectacular landscape and pleasant weather, the place has emerged as an ideal location for royal weddings. Amazing location, easy accessibility, regal charm and modern amenities combine together to make it an inimitable venue for marriages.

Beautifully tucked amidst the magnificent Aravali hills; Devigarh Palace is a venue par excellence. The regal aura of 18th century is still evident in its striking interiors, beautiful exteriors and soothing backdrop. The palace seems to be presenting a judicious mix of the past and the present. Equipped with exquisite lawns and 39 well adorned suites, replete with modern amenities and services, the palace seems to be a perfect cut for weddings. Devigarh Palace is a fine place to tie the sacred bonds for life.

The regal set up of Devigarh Palace is ideal for royal weddings. The place has all the paraphernalia required for weddings, like flower arrangement, mandap decoration, band, firework, car rentals and excellent dinning arrangements. This venue also offers a peek into the great Indian hospitality. This magnificent place in the state of Rajasthan is highly sought after among couples to get hitched. So, make a decision for royal wedding in Devigarh to give your life journey a majestic start.

Whose Wedding Is It? (Part 2)

Part One discussed the problems that arise when families of the bride and groom attempt to control the wedding. It suggests that such control can be manipulative, have negative consequences and that letting go is the preferable course of action. Part Two deals with the choices about-to-wed couples face, when their families won’t let go of control. Their choices can be arranged into four basic choices:

1) Surrender to family control and make the best of doing it according to family dictates.
2) Insist on doing it their own way, despite resistance.
3) Compromise.
4) Elope.

Surrender. In the first alternative, a couple decides it’s simply too difficult and stressful to resist family pressure and let the parents or other family members call the shots.

Bree & Stephen took this route when Bree’s father demanded that they have a church wedding and reception at his lodge. They had wanted to have a beach wedding and luau, but the father adamantly opposed the plan. They couldn’t afford to pay for their idea, so they surrendered to Dad’s plan, for family unity and practicality. Hopefully, they will enjoy their hometown wedding and be able to gradually assert their independence, as their careers grow.

Insist “We’re doing it our way.” In this alternative, Cindy and Sam wanted to have their wedding at the church they attended together. Sam’s parents insisted that it happen at their church, a very different denomination than the one Cindy and Sam had chosen. Most of Sam’s family attended this church.

Cindy and Sam decided to do it their way at their church with a low cost reception in their own backyard, since they had to pay. It was a beautiful wedding and their friends attended, as did Cindy’s family.

Sam’s family boycotted the wedding. Amazed that his family did not come around, in the end, Sam was hurt and dismayed, but glad he had not capitulated. However, he and Cindy are worried that the resulting rift might be difficult to heal.

Compromise. Cathy and Dean were hoping to bring their families to Maui for a wedding in a beach chapel. Their large families insisted it was too expensive and difficult, so Cathy and Dean graciously married in their hometown ballroom and saved their money for their honeymoon on Maui. While there, they enjoyed a beautiful, inexpensive beach vow renewal. There were no hard feelings and everyone involved was satisfied. (This type of solution is becoming a popular option.)

Elope. In this last option, Maybeline and Richard decided to let their families plan a fancy, huge hotel wedding that included none of their choices. The two families began bickering with each other and tried to force the couple to choose sides. Very distressed, they almost broke up under the pressure. (This does happen a lot, unfortunately.)

They called off the wedding and a few months later, eloped to the ski lodge, where they had met and married there. It was romantic, but the families are still upset. Hopefully, they will get over it and realize their part in driving the couple away.

So, there is no easy solution when families relentlessly attempt to control their adult children’s weddings. Sometimes, formal or informal counseling or moderation can help expedite a resolution, but, if that doesn’t happen, couples need to look at the situation carefully before they decide on their course of action.


How to Make Your Wedding Amazing With a Photo Candle

A wedding is an important ceremony for every bride and groom in their life. Therefore, decorating their wedding ceremony is necessary. Wedding memorial candles are good gifts and can add some environment for your wedding. Personalized candles supply some charms for your wedding. If you use digital candle printer to print the names of bride and groom, it is a good idea for you to print candle with some funny images or texts to your friend as a gift. I’m sure the new couples must be excited when they receive these distinctive printable candles.

You don’t need me to tell you how amazing and fantastic printable candle is. There are some problems in the market about the printable candle. Many candles with prints are easy to be erased and the printed images are vague. The printable candle is easy to be canceled and the time it takes to make custom candle you want is long. The reason is that the processing time of many candle printers is determined by two causes, determining how slow / fast your printer will run.

The first big cause is that too many programs want to process things at once. This results in your candle printer struggling to handle the load and has to run slow to keep up with the constant barrage of needs that you place on it. This is quite common in older common printer, and is fixed by upgrading the hardware in your printer, making it able to run more programs at once.

The other big cause is actually less well known. There’s a part of the candle printer to personalize it to you, which is the software and is responsible for saving all the various files and settings the printer needs. The software is a database that stores everything. Thousands of pictures are saved in the gallery, making it very important for you to choose images which are printed on the wedding unity candle.

However, the software is the main cause of candle printer, and is because of its importance to the system of the printer. Because of this software, the candle printer can print any images only for three minutes. The printing is so fast that it is very convenient for you to prepare for your wedding gifts. This makes you extremely confused, forcing it to save a lot of these important images fast.