DIY Wedding Ideas – 6 Critical Tips For Success

Avoiding the trauma that comes with this type of undertaking is extremely important and remember incorporating the ideas and services of specialists even if your planning on a DIY wedding is always a good idea and suggested. With that said there are numerous resources at a couples disposal for planning, executing, and having the wedding of their dreams and making it a memory that will last them a lifetime.

One needs only to know where to begin to make this diy wedding ideas a dream to remember. Here are some tips to get you pointed in the right direction…

1) Know your budget

Know well in advance how much money you have to spend for your big day and do not deviate off that mark. Remember also that more than 70% of vendors will price a product or service higher once the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned in the conversation. There’s extremely powerful solutions for this recurring problem and knowing where to find the answers will save you a fortune right off the bat.

2) Choose your location

Choosing a location right up front is always a great idea because you can find out up front what they (the location you chose) may offer in their packages such as flowers, live bands, d.j’s, valets, open bar, etc. Knowing this information right from the beginning will assure you that you know exactly what you will be responsible for and thus you wont have any surprises down the road as your wedding date is rapidly approaches. 

3) Lock In Your Vendors

Great wedding vendors ie: musicians, florists, hairdressers, limo drivers, photographers, usually have extremely busy schedules and fill up extremely quick. Don’t make the mistake of putting this one on the back burner or you could find yourself in a real pickle as your wedding day approaches scrambling for whomever is available and thus not getting the caliber of service you were hoping for or would expect.

4) Wedding Dress & Tuxedo Shopping

The last thing you need to worry about is whether your fiance will be waiting at the alter with high waters or as the kids in school use to call it “you expecting a flood”? How painful would that experience be? So…it’s my advice that you don’t wait till a week or a few days before outfitting your prince charming. Make sure HE GOES and gets everything tailored to perfection from the tie, right down to the shoes. You as well, ladies. Get those gowns finalized well in advance! Just one less thing to worry about.

5) Incorporate Others Help

By now your probably thinking whoa! This is a lot to do. But remember you can and you should seek assistance from your wedding party and friends and family to help you plan the details of your wedding day. Do not try and handle everything on your own as this will surly be a recipe for disaster and who knows you may just make it to an episode of Bridezilla. Not Good. So get some help! There’s no point in being so stressed and exhausted that you don’t even enjoy your own wedding.

6) Organize a Master Plan and Stick With It

I’m not sure if you know this or not but there’s actually software out there specifically for wedding planning that allows you to create visual seating charts, calculates how much you should spend on each item based on your budget, tracks and manages all your vendors so you know who is providing what service and what the terms and conditions to that service are, their phones, emails, creates a complete gift registry tracking system and a ton of other very useful features that usually unless you were a professional wedding planner you would have never of heard about this software.   

So no matter if you have this software or not, getting organized with some sort of planner or spreadsheet to keep all your information in tact is definitely mission critical when it comes to DIY wedding ideas planning.