How to Create a Cheap But Amazing Themed Wedding

You are ready to be a husband or a wife. So, it means you are ready for a great commitment. But, wait a moment…. Before you determine when you will hold a memorable ceremony and great wedding party, I guess, you must think of the budget deeply in your head.

Some people may not be afraid of the wedding budget. They can afford an expensive reception with thousands guests, big tart cake, luxurious champagne and wedding gifts. Yeah, these people are “the have”. Saving money is not important for them. They just think how to waste the money for fulfilling their taste. What about you? Are you included into “the have” arena? Good then. You just need to call the wedding planner, say what you want and that’s it! You get your ideal wedding.

But, what should you do if you are having a limited budget right now? Should you delay your wedding plan until you get enough money? For some couples, it may be the best idea. However, the good news is, you can also have a great wedding on a budget. You only need to be creative.

Creative? Yes! You can arrange a good “scenario” to celebrate your wedding. Just do it by your self, do not hire a wedding planner. Your task is only thinking about the theme for your wedding! But, you may ask, “How do I get the theme? Up till now I never come to a themed wedding. I only see some ordinary wedding parties.” Well, you may do these following tips to have a wonderful wedding theme that saves your money and make you happy.

1. Develop your imagination.

It is your wedding party. You are free to arrange any concepts for it. May be you have idea to live in a forest. You can develop this idea. You only need some imitation or even the truly trees and much green leaves for the decoration. Or, if you have limited time to set up the real “forest”, you still can use your imagination by making a big picture of forest.

2. Choose one of your favorite activities.

It is not your hobby, but you love doing that very much. For instance, you love going to a beach. So, you can create a coastal nuance for your wedding party.

3. Choose your hobby as a theme.

You love fishing. You can decorate your wedding with the fishing theme. Your guests may wear their casual dress as they want. No tuxedos, no gown, no ties, only big hat, jeans, and short pants. You can have the party at the edge of a river. You get the party and your guests get the fish!

4. Theme can be related to something you love.

Maybe you are crazy about The Lord of the Rings. You can decorate your wedding party according to this movie. Your guest may also wear a king costume to come. Surely, it will become a very memorable wedding party.

A wedding actually doesn’t need much money. You can fix your budget with your plan and idea. Make something unique, special, and different from others.

Cheap wedding doesn’t mean you hold a bad party by giving all sort of cheap things. Cheap wedding means you create an amazing party with a low budgeting. If you can create a memorable, unique, and unforgettable party on budget, why you must waste much money for something usual, something ordinary?

Now, have you got the idea? What theme will you choose for your wedding? See your saving account and remember to save your money for your family’s future. Do not end up your pocket only for one day even though it is your historic day.