How to Plan an Amazing Wedding

When choosing a dress look into your heritage. Inquire with the women in your family to see if they have a dress you can borrow to make your wedding day amazing. You can also look at the dresses or photographs of them and have a dress made to model one or more of them. The same goes for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.

Don’t forget to look at local department stores. Many times you can find great deals right off the rack just be sure to bring your bridesmaids with you so they can try on the dresses right away. Keep the different body shapes in mind when picking a style. Don’t be scared to try different styles. As long as they are the same color using different styles that suit each body type may even prove to be even more valuable because your bridesmaids will look their best..

Keep you wedding party simple to save a ton of money and headaches. Don’t believe that every friend you have needs to be in your wedding. Many may even be relieved to be able to avoid the cost and time needed to be in the party. If they are true friends they will understand and still be supportive. By keeping people who are positive and helpful at your side you will have a much richer experience.

When registering for gifts pick only two or three stores. Be sure to keep in mind the financial situation of your different guest. It is best to register at stores in different price ranges. If you have a simple, wedding make your gift request accordingly by selecting the basics such as towels, cookware, etc… If you have a larger budget and a more formal wedding, go for some of the more lavish gift request.

The biggest factor in an amazing wedding is your attitude about the process of the day. You need to remember to not sweat the small stuff. To properly plan an amazing wedding is a huge undertaking. If you obsess over every little detail, in the end you will create a stressful atmosphere that will effect your wedding party and your guests which is not the atmosphere of an amazing wedding. Keep this in mind, especially when you wake up to the chaos of your wedding day. If you are able to roll with the punches and keep things fun you can truly have an amazing wedding. Above all else keep an open mind and a sense of humor.