Maui Wedding – Top 10 Reasons to Have a Maui Wedding

10. You are Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Maui is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth to have a wedding. Maui boasts gorgeous and uncrowded beaches with powder fine sand. The sunsets are made up of blue sky with white clouds and as the sun sets the light fills the clouds, changing their colors from orange to pink and sometimes a fiery red. Flowers are in bloom year round, filling the air with sweet smells. Brides find that minimal wedding decorations are needed as the natural surround beauty is enough. My favorite beach for a Maui wedding lies on the sunny south shore where the sun always shines and the trade winds keep the temperature perfect. This beach is called Po’olenalena beach and is undeveloped and pristine. From the lava rocks to the swaying palm trees you can not go wrong with this location.

9. Year Round Great Weather

Having a Maui wedding any time is easy when the average temperature is in the 80’s ‘Year Round’. Just imagine yourself having a breathtaking beach wedding with blue water in the background and golden sand at your feet, while escaping below freezing temperatures and snow at home. Get married and get a tan, all while others are scraping their car windows and building snow men.

8. A Wedding You and Your Guests Will Never Forget

Having a Maui wedding is and extremely memorable experience for all involved. Because of having to travel to the island, you feel like it is really an occasion created on your behalf, making you feel as special as you are when all your friends and family show up to take part in your special day.

7. Fun Activities

Maui is a great place to have a wedding because you can also enjoy all the island has to offer. From whale watching, helicopter rides, zip lines through the forest, snorkeling with sea turtles, para-sailing, hiking, surfing and just relaxing on the beach. Maui has it all for a fun and amazing wedding.

6. Include Your Honeymoon

Having a Maui Wedding is great because you can bundle your honeymoon, saving on additional costs. In addition you don’t have to travel to a new location saving precious honeymoon time. To make your Wedding night even more special, if staying at a hotel, you can have one night of an upgraded room for extra honeymoon fun.

5. Skilled Wedding Professionals

Maui is one of the top places in the world for destination weddings and the island is full of amazing wedding professionals. You can assure you will get a quality wedding if you do your research. If you go for a wedding package in the $1500-$2000 range you can usually get great quality and get everything you need for the perfect Maui beach wedding.

4. A Maui Wedding is Affordable

Having a Maui Wedding is actually quite affordable. Considering that the average weddings cost is $19,581 according to

Picture this cost break down:

Round Trip Air Fair for Two (have seen it as low as $350 per round trip ticket): $1400

Simple Maui Beach Wedding including: $1450
1. Professional photography
2. Professional minister
3. Professional floral
4. Up to 40 guests

Hotel Accommodations for 10 nights @ $350 per night (with tax): $3700

Food $400 day for 10 days: $4000

Rental car 10 days: $600
Fun and activities: $1000

Reception Dinner for 10 people: $3000

Additional things (getting brides hair done, small wedding cake, wedding music): $1000

Total cost of this simple Maui wedding with enough money for great food, amazing accommodations, fun and adventure for a small wedding $16,150.

Just keep in mind that if you wanted a budget Maui wedding the above cost could be cut in almost half by doing one simple thing renting a condo. You can find a very nice condo for $175 to $300 per night (for a multiple night rental). Once you throw in the cost savings of cooking in your unit the savings really begin to pile up. Have a fun and relaxed beach BBQ for a wedding reception dinner and even the budget beach wedding in Maui is quite affordable.

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on getting a quality ceremony with floral and an excellent photographer. The photographer will create a record of your amazing wedding experience. Make sure your wedding will be something you want to share with your friends and family and look back on for years to come through photos and memories.

3. World Class Accommodations

Maui has some amazing Hotels, Condos and private residences, with grounds, for your Maui wedding. The hotels are amazing with sprawling grounds with lush vegetation great for a wedding. You can also rent private residences with immaculate grounds with amazing accommodations; perfect for the all in one Maui Wedding location. My favorite resorts are in Wailea on the south shore of Maui. The Grand Wailea boasts a 50,000 square foot spa and acres of pools and waterslides. The Four Seasons is a world class resort with amazing service, fine dining and spacious rooms. The Fairmont Kea Lani hotel even offers private bungalows with your own private soaking pool!

2. Relaxing Wedding Experience

The best thing about a Wedding in Maui is how relaxing it is. There is just no better place to relax, unwind and have an amazing beach wedding. Hire a wedding planning company to handle the details, then just show up and say “I do”.

1. Intimate Wedding Experience

Come and have a Maui wedding with only the people that mean the most to you. Forget fifth cousin Louie and his annoying wife Barbara just showing up for the $50 per plate dinner and the open bar. Bring only your closest inner circle of friends and family that you can truly be yourself with and have the wedding of a lifetime with.