Weddings in Devigarh – Give Your Marriage a Regal Start

The auspicious occasion of wedding is a flight of fancy for every couple; emotions are on an unprecedented high and couples even leverage resources to give it a regal touch. India, with a plethora of regal palaces and forts seems to be an affordable choice for numerous couples. Thousands of couples often cross the boundaries of seven seas to perform their weddings in Devigarh. So, if you and your fiance / fiancee are also dreaming of joining this elite league, you can tie the knot in a regal way.

The state of Rajasthan is the land of various forts and palaces but Devigarh still holds a unique position. Devigarh Palace has a charming appeal over couples who come here to get hitched in a royal setting. Situated 28 km north of the lake city Udaipur; Devigarh palace has a timeless appeal which has earned it numerous admirers. Gifted with spectacular landscape and pleasant weather, the place has emerged as an ideal location for royal weddings. Amazing location, easy accessibility, regal charm and modern amenities combine together to make it an inimitable venue for marriages.

Beautifully tucked amidst the magnificent Aravali hills; Devigarh Palace is a venue par excellence. The regal aura of 18th century is still evident in its striking interiors, beautiful exteriors and soothing backdrop. The palace seems to be presenting a judicious mix of the past and the present. Equipped with exquisite lawns and 39 well adorned suites, replete with modern amenities and services, the palace seems to be a perfect cut for weddings. Devigarh Palace is a fine place to tie the sacred bonds for life.

The regal set up of Devigarh Palace is ideal for royal weddings. The place has all the paraphernalia required for weddings, like flower arrangement, mandap decoration, band, firework, car rentals and excellent dinning arrangements. This venue also offers a peek into the great Indian hospitality. This magnificent place in the state of Rajasthan is highly sought after among couples to get hitched. So, make a decision for royal wedding in Devigarh to give your life journey a majestic start.