What You Need to Turn a Different Wedding Into a Stylish Wedding!

So he’s asked you to marry him. You’re all excited. You have so many plans for your new life together and you want to show the world how much you love him. You don’t just want a different wedding you want a stylish wedding that tells the world that this is what you can do ‘together’.

But how? How can you get the balance right? How can you get a different, stylish wedding day that isn’t ‘gaudy’ and that’s talked about afterward for all the right reasons?

The answer to these questions is simple but hard to execute. You need to think of so many things and ‘plan’. If ever there was a truer saying, as far as weddings go then this is it, ‘fail to plan or plan to fail’. You need to co-ordinate the wedding dress, the amazing food from a high quality caterer, the scenic Church or the exotic location for the service that you have both talked about, the unique venue for the reception after. WOW! I’m even tired taking all this into consideration – It’s almost panic stations!

Oh! I also forgot to mention focus, as well as planning. Look if you’re after a different wedding then it truly has to ‘fit’ what you both want. So you need to remain focused while you plan. You see the focus has to do with the goal, the planning with the attainment of that goal – never forget that!

Now we have just touched on a few aspects of what makes a successful wedding, the ceremony, the reception – especially the venue, the cuisine and the planning. So many weddings are let down when any one of these aspects is not as good as it could be or there has been no attention to detail.

So how do we get that special wedding that’s stylish, different and memorable? You don’t want this day to memorable because it’s a different wedding, you want it memorable for the amazing food, the amazing unique location for both the ceremony and the reception – even the seating plan should be carefully thought out! Try for example and mix friends and family members together that have common interests and likes. This is one aspect that is often overlooked and is really necessary to liaise with your wedding planner on.

You will need to make some decisions first. The ceremony – is it going to be in a church or a civil wedding? This is important. The reception is rarely more than a few miles from where the ceremony is to be held. So it may be a good idea to consider where you really want to get married and then organise the reception

OK, so now you know where – What about the venue for the reception? Does the venue require that you and your guests have their cuisine or can you have your own reception banquet prepared? You see many wedding couples decide to have their own food provided as they know that the meal is to their quality standards – so you have a much better chance of having a different wedding with amazing food!

The challenge that many couples have is coordinating successfully the ceremony, the reception venue, even the place for your relatives and friends to stay over after the wedding night. I can’t stress enough how important a wedding planner is but what about the meal and venue?

The bottom line then for what you need to turn a different wedding into a stylish, unique and pleasantly memorable wedding is imagination, amazing food and a wedding planner that considers every detail no matter how small – better still there are wedding planners that can provide you with the organisation needed to carry the day and evening successfully and there are a few that can supply a meal that’s fit
for celebrities as well!